Our fall 17 shoot at "The Holidays" in San Clemente.

 While eating burritos in Encinitas after a pop up event with Seaweed & Gravel, I saw two little groms with their parent's at the table next to us. I reached into my pocket and pulled out a few stickers and handed them to the mom. She thanked me and handed them to the boys as they began trying to peel the vinyl from the backing and slap them onto the skateboard helmets sitting next to them. I sat back down and continued eating. A few minutes later the mother came up to our table and invited us to come to their campground called "The Holidays." She explained that they owned a few 1960's style vintage trailers situated in the San Clemente State Beach campground and invited us to come stay for a couple nights in the near future. 

I had heard of The Holidays CA. I had seen their instagram before and wanted to contact them in the past but for whatever reason I didn't. Lucky for us, It happened more naturally and that's how we like it. We stayed in touch with them and set a date a month later for a couple nights stay where we would shoot content for our fall/winter vibes. 


  1960's Shasta camper's. We had a blast sleeping in these and wondered if they would let us just stay forever. 


Surf, Jam, live in a van (or trailer). 

The plan was to hang out, surf, drink some beer and enjoy nights around the campfire. This is basically how we have always planned our "shoots." They are never serious and nothing is ever too planned. When you go about getting shots this way it can be a lot more difficult, but can also produce some very real imagery that looks un-posed and organic. By keeping this easy going vibe it stays true to our brand. VIVA is based off of the lives my friends and I live, so there is no need for fake or unrealistic situations. I usually just wait for the right natural lighting and have my camera's (film and digital) always close by. 


Co- Owner, Steve Wolfman getting the fire ready as the evening began to cool. 


Steve wearing the new "Monster Wave" pocket tee. 


Nothing better. Shot by Eze Zaccardi


Hanging around the fire. Shot by Eze Zaccardi


The days were spent surfing, playing tennis on the beach, drinking Tecate's and taking lots of photos. Simple living at it's finest. Both photo's shot by Eze Zaccardi


We aren't a gang, but you probably shouldn't mess with us... HA. Shot by Eze Zaccardi. 


We enjoy the simple things in life. Shot by Eze Zaccardi. 


We had a great time staying at The Holidays CA.  We can't thank you guys enough for having us. If you are interested in staying there give them a shout and tell them VIVA LA VACAY sent you. 

Written by Dylan Bellingan

Film photography by Dylan Bellingan.

Digital Photography by Eze Zaccardi.