Bali based photographer feature - Hernan Regiardo


If you follow our social media you've probably seen amazing images coming from all over the Indonesian islands. As part of our "Back to Bali" spring / summer 2018 collection, we thought it would be a good opportunity to feature one of the guys we met while we were out there in 2016. We got to chatting randomly one day while on the island of Lombok about camera gear and photography, we kept in touch and have been following Hernan's travels while frothing over the images he has been creating.  We decided to catch up with him through whats-app to see what he's been up to in the past couple years. 

D - Yo man! It's been a while! The last time we saw each other was in a little cafe on the island of Lombok. How have you been and where are you?

H- Hey Dylan! Thank you for getting in touch with me. I've been really good just still stuck here in this tropical paradise they call Lombok, Bali's little sister. Most know it for a wave here called Desert Point. 

D- It's been two years since we were there, have you left Indo or have you been there the whole time?

H- I left twice to go visit family and friends in Argentina but Indo is a hard place to leave. I have island fever, the fact that there are waves every single day makes this chill life so pleasing. 

D- Your photos are epic, they really capture the vibes of the place in a unique way. I remember chatting to you about camera gear and all that, you had a pretty simple Nikon dslr back then, are you still rocking the same camera or have you upgraded to something else?

H- Still rocking the same shitty Nikon 3300. I don't care to much about gear and I hate tripods and filters. I'm to lazy to carry more than two lenses and this camera is so light that I can take it anywhere and if it falls in the sand I don't care. Sometimes I'll use an old 35mm Yashica. 

D- You shoot a ton of surf lifestyle stuff, how long have you yourself been surfing?

H- Well I came to Indo to learn how to surf about two years ago, so since then I have been surfing. Before I had a pretty different lifestyle living in La Pampa regin of Argentina ( country side) and the closest wave was like ten hours drive from my house, but hey at least the wine and steak is good!

D- What are you usually riding these days? Single fin?

H- Yea I mainly ride my single fin but have been getting more into logging. The spots are getting busy here since Bali is chaos so I need to catch waves faster.

D- Back when we met you were new to the island and we were talking about shooting photos for free food and stay, is that still the gig or are you funding your adventures in other ways now?

H- It's been about a year since my last photography job and now I'm busy managing a cafe here but I'm getting some work again here soon so I'll be back in the game. 

D- What's the scariest thing that has happened to you while traveling around Indonesia?

H- Probably just a day surfing Mawi. It's a funky left but has the most beautiful beach I've seen in my life. Most of my photos are from around there, it's a really special place with a special energy. I went out so many times on big days when I had no idea what I was doing. I really learned to surf and respect the ocean there. 

D- Any favorite surf spots? You don't have to say..

H- My favorite spot is anywhere I can grab coffee in the morning and surf 3-5 foot waves with friends.

D- What's next for you Hernan? Any plans on coming to Southern California?

H- Haha, if you want to make God laugh tell him your plans, that's my quote... but I do have some road trip dreams in my head. I'm deciding between Portugal, Spain and Morocco, or British Columbia all the way down the west coast to Oaxaca.

D- Thanks for chatting dude! Hope to see you sooner than later! Yew!

H- Thank you bro! 

See more of Hernan's work below and give him a follow him on instagram here. 

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