Artist Feature - MDRN HSTRY

If you have ever been to one of our events here in San Diego, there’s a good chance you’ve seen an eclectic group of rad young dudes playing music. Weather it’s the whole lot of them, or just a few, they always bring good vibes and rock our socks off. They recently played a show here at one of San DIego’s finest venues The Music Box and delivered a jaw dropping set that had too many people wondering, who the hell are these guys? Being that they are good friends of ours, we decided to ask them a few questions about who they are and what MDRN HSTRY is all about. All photos below shot by contributing artist Rick Perez.

1. How did you all meet?

We all met at a Cinco de Mayo party in pacific beach at the Garage Mahal (before it was the Garage Mahal)

2. How long have you been playing together under the name MDRN HSTRY? Who came up with it?

Our original name was “shark eyes,” but it was commonly mistaken for “short guys” so out of frustration we continued to throw around band names until August of 2017 when our photographer Cole Herauf suggested the name MDRN HSTRY.... and well the rest is history.... MDRN HSTRY .

3. Any meaning behind the bands name?

No meaning it just sounded a little better than “shark eyes” and that’s the truth. 

4. For someone who hasn’t ever heard your music, how would you describe it? 

This question has been the most difficult part of this project. Even our own fans have a hard time describing our sound or placing us in a category/genre. We would like to think of it as a rock based sound with elements of indie/house/hip hop/surf/low fi.

5. What are some of the bands musical influences?

Some common influences would be The Doors, The Strokes, Mac Miller, Mac Demarco, The Donkeys and King gizzard & the Lizard Wizard. 

6. How many members in the band, which instruments do you all play?

MDRN HSTRY consist of six members Shea Smith/vocals, Jesse Orlando/lead guitar, Aj Peters/guitar/bass, Nick Roberts/guitar/bass, Pete Eichar/drums, Drew Wright/guitar/beat pad

7. You guys just played your second show at San Diego’s Music Box and absolutely killed it. Tell us more about that night.

That night was a very special night for your boys. That was the first night that Aj Peters and Nick Roberts wore masks in hopes to confuse the crowd. Aj and Nick switch between bass and guitar.

8. Tell us more about the community behind The band, you guys always bring a rad crew to all the events we throw together. 

The MDRN HSTRY community is the best part of MDRN HSTRY. It has put us in touch with so many rad people!! Our music seems to resonate with folks who crave adventure and strive to live life the way they want to live life, instead of the standard (basic bitch) life that society tells them they should live. So naturally we like getting together with companies like VIVA LA VACAY, the Van Kooks and Noice Dyes to further spread that message.

9. What else are you guys into besides playing music?

We’re only into music...

10. Where’s the best place for someone to hear your music, when’s the next show? 

On Feb 9 we’re gonna be cleaning up the beach with y’all then headed to Amplified to drink MDRN HSTRY beer and play a set. March 28th we’re teaming up with Electric Mud to play Moonshine Beach in Pacific Beach. It will be part of a musical revolution in pacific beach. We have music on just about every vendor you can think of. Spotify/Apple Music/YouTube/sound cloud... below are some links to access our music .

If you want more information on the band or would like to get a hold of them, you can find them on Instagram @mdrn_hstry or through their website