Modern Nomads

A podcast channel that interviews young nomads who have left the pressures and burdens of regular life to live and work on the road.

viva la vacay


I met Watson and Megan two years ago in San Diego. They were living in their VW Syncro van, traveling around, surfing and camping. I have kept up with them over social media since then and noticed they sold the Syncro and bought a Sprinter van. After converting it into 4 wheel drive, making the interior look like a home and decking it out to be an adventure mobile they are finally ready to descend south into Baja for a few months. I caught up with Watson right before they left and talked about whats been happening. Follow them on Instagram @drivenbymegawatts


This episode was stuck on a recording device and I couldn't get it off until recently. It was really the 6th episode that Matt and I did out in the Mojave desert as we cooked food over an open campfire, smoked weed and told stories. We ended the podcast and slept soundly around the campfire that night with sleeping bags and mats.

Episode 8

In this podcast I sit down with my friend Daniel who lives in his VW van. He was recently invited to meet the Pope, yes the actual Pope, and also had some scary encounters with bears up in Canada.

Episode 7: Ryder England and his rad live

In this episode I sit down with my good friend and VIVA LA VACAY ambassador Ryder England while visiting him near his hometown up the coast. 


While roaming the desert I took some time to hang with my friend Genevieve and talk about what she's been up to for the past few months and what's to come

EPISODE 3: Mike, Lauren and Erica from Coastal Vanlife

Mike, Lauren and Erica sit down with me and explain how they met and why the decided to hit the road. I caught them in San Diego just before they made the crossing into Baja.

EPISODE 1: Vanlife

This podcast was recorded in a Sprinter Van on the southern coast of California. Ocean Beach, San Diego


I can't get this episode off of my phone even though it's a great one. Sorry everyone.

EPISODE 4: Yeager Beth and Alfredo from the Traveling Trio

Hang out with us in the desert while we get to know each other and talk about living on the road.

EPISODE 2: Laysea, Koda and her Westy

Laysea has been living on the road in her Westfalia for a little less than a year now with her pup Koda. Find out how a young girl in her early 20's deals with the ins and outs of living in a van